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biting and rocking
the house hums

NEW UPDATES NEW 17/05/2021: worked on making site mobile accessible, didn't work too well :(.
13/05/2021: added shutup3 and updated links and art page.
11/04/2021: added new neighbour buttons, shutup2, sitemap and updated playlist.
25/01/2021: updated home page layout and playlist.
18/01/2021: updated links.
12/01/2021: added new links and images to home page, added new art to art page and added cool people's buttons to about page.
08/01/2021: added new art to art page and updated songs on playlist.
06/01/2021: added updates section to home screen. hello.
03/01/2021: added playlist page and my button to about page.
30/12/2020: joined neocities.

This is my project, I will continue to update
it with a range of weird and arty shit.
If you get lost there is a link at the bottom
of each page that says "AM I LOSING MYSELF?"
that should take you back here and here's a
link to the sitemap for easy navigation.

I hope you understand if there are any problems
with this site as it is continously being
improved and developed over time.